Manifesto and Code of Conduct

#1 Always be a man or woman of your word

Take honour in your words. Trust is earned by keeping one’s word. People count on you to keep your promises. Do what you say you’ll do! Alternatively, tell the person you can’t do it right away. We’ll use your word to make deals and relationships. Allow your words to be true and genuine. Others will assess your dependability by comparing your promises to your actions. You’ve gotten yourself into a web of lies and deception if you go too far apart from these two.

If you have been untrue to your word in all other things, you have eventually created a very unstable world around you. In time, you will find that the only person that will believe in you is you. Your friends and family may even become wary of what they say around you. If this is true, then we can expect that we can trust ourselves to be true and real. Be a man or woman of your word and honour it at all times.

#2 Trust is earned, not demanded

Trust is an invaluable commodity in life. Millions of dollars are spent yearly to gain, keep, and enhance the trust of others. Trust is everything in today’s world. Without it, most business agreements would never come to fruition.

Trust is something that must be earned every moment of every day. The more one has, the more valuable it becomes. Do not expect trust to be given to you freely, but rather earn it by your actions and words every day.

#3 Do not sweat on small things

Don’t sweat small things, or it will be hard for you to keep that pile of cash that you have (jk). The best thing that you can do is to forget about things that don’t matter in life. Don’t let the small stuff get in the way of your life. Do not worry much about the things you can’t control. Politics, the economy, the weather, these things are beyond your control. Instead, focus on what you can control in life.

#4 Keep your friends close but keep your enemy closer

This is from Sun Tzu. It is an old saying that goes back to the time of the Chinese emperors. A keep your enemies closer, you will find out their plans before they spring them on you. Keep this law close to your heart.

Always be wary of the motives and plans of others. Always be on your guard. You can use this to your advantage by being suspicious of others. If you are, then you will find out how they are working against you before they do it.

Adversaries are good, it keep us survive and compete. It is a war maxim for all times. It is a stance that the opposition should take. Such as how do you keep an enemy close, keep them close but still keep your own space.

#5 Be kind to family and friends

The world is not kind, so do not expect it to be. Trust your fellow man. Be kind to all your neighbours and friends. Time spent with them makes you more lovable than someone who never spent any time with anyone else.

Be kind to family and friends, put yourself in their shoes, and you will understand. They need your love and support too. Be understanding and treat people the way you want your family members to be treated.

#6 Makes things right when committed a wrong

This is a law that is prevalent in most societies around the world. However, most people choose to ignore it. Do not make a mistake and think that you can get away with it forever. Eventually, you will pay for your bad deeds.

This one is simple. If you have done wrong, then make it right. Restore any loss that you have created. Do not be afraid to apologise, if you know the fault is yours. We are all born with flaws, it is inherently natural to make mistakes. Accidents happen, but if it was your fault, then take responsibility. Taking responsibility for one’s action is tantamount to owning up to one’s mistakes and making amends. That is a trait of successful people and taught of many religions too.

#7 To be a good friend, learn to say goodbye.

Sometimes the only thing you have left is your word of honour. This is when you have to be the best friend that you can be. You have to be brave, tough and have plenty of guts so you can go up against the world alone.

Many people don’t know how to say goodbye. When you are leaving someone on a business trip, send them your luggage address before you leave. This is a sign of respect and honour to the person you are leaving behind. This is a way of saying: you can count on me, I’ll be able to take care of you.

#8 Credit where credit’s due

If you want to be a successful person, then be a good person. Take care of the ones that have helped bring you to where you are right now. Do not forget those that have been by your side from day to day. They are the ones who made it successful.

Make use of the people that you have associated with during your life. This goes on to strengthen bonds between people. You are never alone, you always have at least three people to rely on for support. Give the credit where it’s due.

#9 He who asks is he who receives

If you work for something, then trust that your success is a result of your hard work and persistence. There will always be people who will want you to fail. Think about how this will affect their interests. When you want something, be polite when you ask for it. A rude man is an unhappy man. He who asks is he who receives. If you ask for something, be polite. Treat others the way you want to be treated. This has its roots in basic human decency and integrity to yourself and others.

#10 Always be fair – be just and seek justice when it is due

Be fair and treat everyone equally. Never knowingly deprive anyone of anything they deserve. Act justly when a wrong has been committed and seek justice when you know it has been committed. Keeping silent is never an option. Silence allows wrongdoers to ignore the consequences.

Always put your best foot forward, whenever and wherever you are. Good leaders will keep on doing this, no matter where they are. Follow your values and rules, regardless of your situation. Fairness fosters respect. And where there is power.

Don’t do anything that will cause harm to yourself or others. Keep a clear conscience. If you know that something is wrong, then don’t do it.