1. Stop reading (and writing)
  2. Feel disconnected to everybody
  3. Feel most of people taking me for granted
  4. Ain’t no longer check my email regularly. Now up to 2000 of unread emails. 80 percents of all are junks.
  5. Discontent and discouraged.
  6. Unprovable of tomorrow
  7. Marginalised by society (or me to them – refer to #2)
  8. Economically weak
  9. Uncountable of last month browsers and tabs
  10. Unattended of todo list
  11. Unthinkable of directions
  12. Disconnecting to many people
  13. Upset with my homeland (and Greece)
  14. Blackmailed
  15. Negates most of functions
  16. Overwhelmed of dedication
  17. #iFast
  18. Embargoed to a toxic relationship.
  19. Obligated to unpleasant. It became a job. I don’t have the time to go to school.
  20. The research? I can’t see that anywhere. If this persist. Sayonara academia.
  21. Kiasu, but nods to pessimism.

That’s that. In what echo to takes? Reflecting to my mental health. I lost the common sense.

Giving up is not an option. But do not know how. #iforgothowtobounceback