The power of Now

Time is a powerful thing. We all have it, and not enough of it. It is precious. The best moments happen in the Now, because when we’re in Now, we’re truly living our lives to the fullest.

Not every day do we feel motivated or “feel it”. The trick is to just spends 5 minutes on it. Let’s have a scratch or two on it. That 5 minutes is all we need. Loosen up all the expectations.

Usually, that 5 minutes will be 10 or 15 minutes. Just let that sink in.

Later that you know, you are one hour clock in.

You just accomplished one task.

I’m not saying we should never work on projects or learn, but we should let projects and learning go when we feel it. That way, we will only feel the emotion of joy and passion when we’re in the Now.

The more we give attention to Now, the more we can be happy and appreciate it every time we remember it, even if only for 5 minutes.

Here you go, that’s my five minutes post.

SketchUp : My first hour

Since the last three years, my top circles in the UK are artists and architects by genus. And of course, I am far disparate apart from them. I enjoy all of their works. Creative is one thing is that I have a strong keen and try to break free. I want to learn it.

Since the beginning, I asked few times and inform of my interest of learning 3D modelling. But I’ve been procrastinating..

The first start

Lately, I am learning bits of everything on arts and eventually invested (again) some interest in 3D.

5AM or so today, I shoved computer and dive. Finally I’ve installed SketchUp.

Oh 3D is mindblowing, man!

The real reason why I wanted to learn 3D is the hope to discover different types of patterns or way into my creative product. I only used the touchpad to draw the object as above. I’d say I quite familiar with tools like Sketch and Photoshop, so this is an entirely different world. Controlling in multiple axes environment is annoying, but hey – that what makes a 3D environment is 3D, right? I don’t have a mouse, so it putting more weight to the process.

After created object that not went as it should be, I thought I should learn to do real world objects, as what my architect friends do. So, I picked one thing that’s the most common and easy enough for me to make myself comfortable with control and SketchUp essential features. To simulate this, I drew a basic house.

Lets have a TV and dining table outside, why not ?

I love arts. However, art and me is like a distant cousins. I’ve spent years to appreciate the concept and learn, but the result are always terrible and distasteful. Nonetheless, I still believe it is learnable.

Colors, typography, patterns and other bagful components.. Oh man, those things are very hard!


This piece is my commit to the practice of writing without thinking.

Since the past three or so, I’d found one small area that hasn’t been uncovered. It’s called small data or personal knowledge. I have the gut this one is imperative, and it generally appears people is joining into big data hordes. There are misconceptions of how big is big data is. The notion to grasp this is; big data is for machines, while small data is for human. One company is called, has been a player year in this area. The company is focusing on archiving all personal user information into your own keeping. It might be similar to what I’m looking into, but the domain is relatively different.

It was an epiphany.

According to Forbes, small data is the genuine revolution. Forget about big data, because the real opportunity is the decentralised data wrangling. This area isn’t about large organisations running parallel software on thousand of thousands of servers, but about more people than ever being to ever collaborate effectively around a distributed system of information, which is a system of small beta.

Persona Part I

I think people are getting weird and weirder; unparalleled with my reality. The society is unwelcoming. It is a flat world out there. I sealed the room so lot lesser lights can bright my space. No windows. Only the sound of cars passing and pedestrian interactions. Oxygen, is more consumable this way. The world should night all the time. No sun, but lively.

Oftenly, I think myself is merely an unreasonable centre – as an unnoticed moving vehicle. Unsure with direction to where – but I know how to describe hereabout the destination. Where it is, how it looks and who are there.

Many times, I cannot tell which one is real, which one is not. The reality is not really a reality to me. Sometimes I find myself quiet bemused about how we human a rather confused race. I may had become rough mentally and physically, but the heart was full of sorrow. I lay there that night and I thought, I have none in life. I have accomplished nothing. I barely can feel my skin and face too – but I know that I have to keep moving. But, how?

Quiet. Loneliness. Withdrawn. All the time feeling stuck. Barely can think of any solutions.
– Later I know, I must get out of here quick. To lead. There.

A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. [18:24]

Please tell me you seen this too?

What is like to be alone? You do understand it, and you know well the pain. You trying to protect people from it. You trying to protect me from it. I appreciate that.

But, what about you? You are denying denials – You hide the truth to out of yourself.

I understand how the feel to be different. Because I am very different too.



  1. Stop reading (and writing)
  2. Feel disconnected to everybody
  3. Feel most of people taking me for granted
  4. Ain’t no longer check my email regularly. Now up to 2000 of unread emails. 80 percents of all are junks.
  5. Discontent and discouraged.
  6. Unprovable of tomorrow
  7. Marginalised by society (or me to them – refer to #2)
  8. Economically weak
  9. Uncountable of last month browsers and tabs
  10. Unattended of todo list
  11. Unthinkable of directions
  12. Disconnecting to many people
  13. Upset with my homeland (and Greece)
  14. Blackmailed
  15. Negates most of functions
  16. Overwhelmed of dedication
  17. #iFast
  18. Embargoed to a toxic relationship.
  19. Obligated to unpleasant. It became a job. I don’t have the time to go to school.
  20. The research? I can’t see that anywhere. If this persist. Sayonara academia.
  21. Kiasu, but nods to pessimism.

That’s that. In what echo to takes? Reflecting to my mental health. I lost the common sense.

Giving up is not an option. But do not know how. #iforgothowtobounceback

Ahoy, earth.

Welcome abroad.

I had this domain with my name for quiet sometimes, and I frankly hosted few blogs on other place and I scraped all of them, including the one that with  Posterous.

It was funny sometimes when attempt to put up of something to available then realised no longer have an open platform or blog. Usually, Evernote has been my best pal and to the Note to share thoughts. Yikes.

During I write this – It is Christmas Eve and 8 Celsius outside in Liverpool. Made me a cup of light roasted coffee and green tea. It was been a good week for myself; I managed to read 5 to 7 books (I lost count already) and that should stay as a habit.

So I guess this is a reboot.