Persona Part I

I think people are getting weird and weirder; unparalleled with my reality. The society is unwelcoming. It is a flat world out there. I sealed the room so lot lesser lights can bright my space. No windows. Only the sound of cars passing and pedestrian interactions. Oxygen, is more consumable this way. The world should night all the time. No sun, but lively.

Oftenly, I think myself is merely an unreasonable centre – as an unnoticed moving vehicle. Unsure with direction to where – but I know how to describe hereabout the destination. Where it is, how it looks and who are there.

Many times, I cannot tell which one is real, which one is not. The reality is not really a reality to me. Sometimes I find myself quiet bemused about how we human a rather confused race. I may had become rough mentally and physically, but the heart was full of sorrow. I lay there that night and I thought, I have none in life. I have accomplished nothing. I barely can feel my skin and face too – but I know that I have to keep moving. But, how?

Quiet. Loneliness. Withdrawn. All the time feeling stuck. Barely can think of any solutions.
– Later I know, I must get out of here quick. To lead. There.

A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. [18:24]

Please tell me you seen this too?

What is like to be alone? You do understand it, and you know well the pain. You trying to protect people from it. You trying to protect me from it. I appreciate that.

But, what about you? You are denying denials – You hide the truth to out of yourself.

I understand how the feel to be different. Because I am very different too.