Multiple Git remotes repositories

Let say, you would like to make back up code to multiple repositories. For the example; one is Github and another is self hosted Gitlab.

git remote set-url --add --push origin
git remote set-url --add --push origin

So when you push to origin, it will push to both repositories.

A git remote -v should reveal the actual URLs for all remotes.

git remote set-url --add --push all git://another/repo.git

Small habits that paid over time

Aside than my bread and butter daily routines, now I committed to new e-commerce project. The team I involving with, has restructured it’s plan and operation. Which that mean; putting myself into much active position than before.

The team now is has new face(s), and what matters the most are new insights and fresh eyes. Brush up my skills into good place. Properly, I do think this is the right time to rethink my routine.

Wake up very early.

I used to be in 5AM club and that lasts about a year, until had to deal with personal mental issues. But heck, this has to keep it on. It was super fun.

The idea now is I need to be ready at early 5 and supposed to get enough sleep at night. Relatively, I should gone to the bed at 10-11PM. Get up, get morning shower and get into good cloth.

And fuel the brain with caffeine and MCT.

Break daily tasks into chunks.

One of personal fav, P. Diamandis popular with his, “if it is unmeasurable, it is cannot be improved”.

I am (still) getting good at break goals into micro goals that I can work on in the half awake hours in the morning. Personally, I think I am good enough managing personal routines, however, involving more self requires people skills.

The obvious challenge to my case is, the entire team is located in different cities and timezones. With proper tools taking place – this should brought further problems.

If anything is too big to work on, it may take forever to be completed. Hence, all movement need carefully plan and prioritise.

Planning (a lot)

Set a planning for tomorrow and give feedback of the day (to myself and other people) before crawl to bed.

If fail to plan, means I plan to fail.

I am not always declare any yearly new resolutions. Nonetheless, these are healthy habits I shall put into works and stick.

Why I am telling all these? – As a stake to actually make me do work and move the ass off.

And yes, this would take sometime until I brush up my blogging exercise. #iSoundsFunny.