Repetition makes perfect

That’s another way to say, practice makes perfect.

According to Malcolm Gladwell, it took 10,000 hours to be great at something. To some people like me, such amount of time are a luxury and just couldn’t afford it. 10,000 hours is equivalent of 5 years of full-time job. People like you and me don’t have time that much. Perhaps often, we sometimes want to get stuff works and be, rather than being an expert.

At first, for 10,000 hours, I think I would never be good at anything. Josh Kaufman preach it took only 20 hours of deliberate practice to good at something. By the mean by good is efficient, not expert.

You just want to be good at it. You just want to be effective. Just enough to to get something going, either to kick off, or start a new hobby.

Take writing for example; writing is not the result of our clear ideas. Our clear ideas often emerge in the process of our writing. This is a case of a dialectic. Philosopher Georg Hegel described a dialectic as a three-fold process. There is a thesis that gives rise to its reaction, an antithesis, which contradicts or negates the thesis. The tension between the thesis and the antithesis is resolved in the form of a synthesis. A blog post or casual Facebook status is a combination of your thoughts and the process of putting them onto your computer screen.

This video showed examples to be good at drawing by repetition and reiteration. It’s shown precursory information you need to know before begin any 20 hours of deliberate practice.

Warning, it’s an hour long. So you might suit and make yourself comfortable.

Deliberate practice is the key is to build up your mileage. By trying the same thing and in different variables to produce a different result. Identify what you have done differently and what you’ve learned previously. Then, reiterate and learn from the past mistake to form a new analytical assumption or a stronger muscle memory. Naturally, you’ll became fluent at it.

At first, you probably not confident how to do it correctly or done it nicely. Keep repeating the same practice, and eventually, it will become a new set of knowledge to you. Later stage, it will be made more analytical and logical to you. If you had repeat enough, it would become a skill.

I always look back at myself; storytelling is not something I am good at (need to pay attention to this one more often),  To me, the ability to convey a message in the clear picture or layman idea or in the language that everybody could understand is a skill. For this year, this is one of the parts that I would like to improve and learn for my personal development.