Hundred-days writing challenge

I’m going to try the 100-day writing challenge (thank you Khalil Nooh for the inspiration to publish and push. Every. Single. Day. – you are the best dude!). I’m trying to write at least 500 words a day for 100 days straight. It’s the challenge I set for myself, and I hope others do the same!

The 100-day challenge keeps momentum and builds confidence. I hope in just over three months I’ll see significant improvement in my writing, my vocabulary and my confidence to keep writing.

By participating in this challenge, I commit to publishing every single day. Writing is an act of vulnerability; it’s exposing your deepest selves on the internet (if you post it on your blog or something like that). This exercise will help you gain courage, improve clarity, and write more clearly. And more aware of errors such as passive voice.

I love that the 100-day challenge isn’t a lot of work! It’s okay to take a day off between challenges is totally fine, or you can keep on with regular life while dabbling in some writing.

To keep this accountable, I will post using the hashtag #100daysofzen and publish it on various platforms.

– It could be journaling, blogging, article or even sending wishes to friends.
– Writing full sentences (and not just bullet points).
– Minimum 500 words with no limit.
– No GPT-3 nonsense. Just zen writing and headspace. Mindfulness and contentment.

Zen can be such an exhilarating and rewarding experience. It may seem like nothing is happening, but it’s right there in front of us.

Starting tomorrow. Let’s go.