3 horizons of innovation model

Yesterday, I spent three hours with Khalil Nooh. We discussed and share various topics but there’s one particular model that has caught my attention. It was the Innovation model and its three horizons.

It is the first time that I heard about the 3 horizons of innovation model. I believe it is a more logical, sequential approach to product development. It is a proven process that can provide desired results under normal and difficult conditions. It is never out of ideas, and it can work with any product no matter how complex.

horizons of innovation
Innovation model horizons, by Joyce Oomen (Pimcy)

Horizon one is to research, find and then develop something new that has never been done before. Horizon two is to improve an old known thing, but with a different perspective and approach. Horizon three is to take all the current knowledge and apply it in unconventional ways for unknown results.

This is a summary of the 3 Horizons of Innovation Model. Consider it the framework for how to innovate in any field.

Horizon 1: Developing technologies

  • through research and development, technology is developed for current trends and the future needs.
  • enhancing and expanding existing business lines.
  • the focus is on efficiency and accuracy. Work is planned and ordered, risks and uncertainties are avoided or reduced.

Horizon 2: Enhancing technologies

  • this is done by making current technologies better or more effective or designing systems with better human interaction.
  • advances that are outside the scope of H1. They have already begun to include some of the long-term vision of what will occur in the future.
  • the technologies or solutions are known, but probably not yet available to the business. This horizon focuses on creating new business models.

Horizon 3: Exploring emerging technology

  • H3 is the far future, it’s new to the world or the industry. Technology and solutions are virtually unknown.
  • this is the development of technologies using concepts and techniques from other fields and placing them in a new environment.
  • disruptive innovation refers to breakthroughs in this horizon that can have a significant impact on your business, industry, and life. This horizon focuses on determining what works.